Valentine's Day 2024 has started, let's know the days of this week

Rose Day (February 7th): Some people kick off Valentine's Day week by giving roses to their loved.

Propose Day (February 8th): This day is often seen as an opportunity for individuals to express their romantic feelings

Chocolate Day (February 9th): Chocolate is a popular gift on Valentine's Day, and this day is dedicated to indulging in sweet treats

Teddy Day (February 10th): Stuffed teddy bears are often given as gifts on Valentine's Day

 Promise Day (February 11th): Couples may make promises to each other as a way to strengthen their relationship

Hug Day (February 12th): Hugs are a universal symbol of affection.

Kiss Day (February 13th): As Valentine's Day approaches, couples may share kisses to express their love and passion for each other.

Valentine's Day (February 14th): The culmination of Valentine's Day week, this day is dedicated to celebrating love